Psychological and Educational Testing

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The Vine Counseling and Psychological Services is pleased to offer psychological and educational testing at a reasonable and affordable cost. We receive many requests from schools, organizations and clients interested in testing for a number of reasons including:

  • Assessment for ADHD and other behavioral issues.
  • IQ and Achievement testing to assess for Learning Disabilities, including language, math, auditory, visual, sensory issues, and others.
  • Testing to assess for learning or mental health issues that qualify for legal accommodations on standardized tests, such as the SATs, ACT, MCAT, and others.
  • Testing to assess for issues that qualify for accommodations in the classroom.
  • Testing to qualify for school programs such as IEPs and 504 plans.
  • Assessment for Fitness for Duty, including evaluations for law enforcement agencies, military agencies, and other situations requiring an applicant to pass psychological exam.
  • Testing to identify personality and emotional issues for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions.
  • Assessment for admission or emotional well-being screening for certain educational institutions, including some private schools and post-graduate programs.

If you believe we may be able to assist you in this process, whether you have been referred or are seeking testing for yourself, please give us a call. We would be happy to explain and guide you through the process, as well as advise you on how to accomplish your goals with testing.

You may contact Dr. Linda Frazier, Psy.D. at (951) 231-1667 ext. 8.